Which hair should go ?

Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic footballers, witnessed some majestic goals and even experienced some hilarious scuffles, which have mainly been initiated by Mr Barton. These amazing events only encourages us to relive these moments on FIFA 14! However, there is one thing which really hinders our entertainment…….hairstyles.

Let me clarify. The concept of hairstyles on footballers in FIFA 14 is almost like a blue Ferrari. Although a blue Ferrari has nothing wrong with it and still is very efficient, it’s not as cool and as stereotypical as compared to a red Ferrari. The point I am making is that if I select Barcelona, do I want to bomb down the wing with Neymar and his dazzling blonde mohawk or do I want to have a more realistic approach? Now people may regard this as flimsy, but for the amount I paid for FIFA and the existence of lightning quick updates, this shouldn’t realistically be an obstacle for EA Sports and so it’s good to throw up a debate. Even Victor Valdes agrees saying, “When I met Neymar I was accustomed to seeing him with his mohawk, he always had peculiar hair, he was radical and I really liked it.” He added, “When he arrived here he was a bit more normal, he had Will Smith hair… and I told him, ‘Listen Ney, I really prefer your Santos look, the mohawk – you were scary. You’re scarier that way’.

The modest Neymar
The modest Neymar
The hair that no longer exists
The hair that no longer exists

I’ll go through some other FIFA hairstyles which deserve a mention:

Several weeks after Huddlestone cut his afro for charity, his afro miraculously lives on in FIFA 14!


Torres is a man with many hairstyles but i would like to see him with his current buzz hair cut now. Those wonderful locks have long been gone..


It’s a huge shame that Kevin Prince-Boateng’s hair is now limited to a standard buzz cut. FIFA really need to update his famous eecentric mohawk!

1074343_10151931629562568_1219415727_o j15kh

I thought everybody should be introduced to Aristide Bance especially if he is going to go unnoticed playing for Fortuna Dusseldorf of the second division in Germany.

B13BFSM0539w-1360248175 1518225_10151931598597568_1841567669_o

One hairstyle that FIFA has got right is a man who certainly doesn’t need an introduction! It is of course the Egyptian maestro!

1506158_10151931619802568_1234804937_o 1492666_10151931621267568_1032969299_o


Have I missed out on any other player’s hairstyles that FIFA haven’t updated? Comment here and I’ll add them on!


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